Skills Recognition

Skills Recognition



The philosophy of RPL acknowledges a person's experience gained through work and / or life as well as through education and training undertaken. It is the opportunity to have previously unrecognised skills, knowledge and experiences achieved outside of the formal education and training system, recognised and counted.

Successful completion of the RPL process may enable an applicant to gain recognition of their current skills and knowledge and achieve either a Statement of Attainment for unit(s) where deemed competent or a Testamur where deemed competent in all areas covered by a qualification.


Credit Transfer refers to the mapping of qualifications an applicant has achieved to the qualifications for which he/she is seeking recognition, and it is the course or subject previously undertaken that is being examined.

An applicant must provide "Originals" of any relevant qualifications / certificates etc. including the subjects completed for the assessor to map the verified achievements against the requirements of the nominated unit for which credit is sought.


A combination of RPL and credit transfer and other opportunities for assessment can be offered to expedite the recognition process and issue appropriate Statements of Attainment or Testamurs.