ITR Recruitment

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ITR Recruitment

ITR is an accredited recognised training organisation and recruitment company in South Australia.

ITR Recruitment provides an innovative training and job matching solution that facilitates job placement together with a fit for duty job analysis.

We have access to a range of candidates in South Australia and can accommodate a wide range of occupations and industry groups.

We can meet the needs of large and small businesses across both private and public sectors.

We are able to provide employers with a new talent pool of people who are job ready and have already undergone extensive pre-employment screening.


ITR facilitates a job placement network and linking service designed to:

  • Match worker abilities to job demands.
  • Prepare suitable applicants for selection through on the job or off site training as required.
  • Assist employers access to available community and government incentives or subsidy assistance.
  • Support job and work training placement decisions, transitional work programs, job-specific rehabilitation planning, and implementation of pro-active risk management and safety strategies.


We distinguish ourselves on the basis that:

  • We already have a large pool of candidates we can access and make available quickly.
  • We can offer an agreed number of candidates for employers to interview and facilitate a "try before you decide" approach.
  • Our service is free to employers and our workers.
  • Our services are reliable, prompt and of a high standard.
  • We also offer a prompt replacement service should a candidate leave for any reason.

If you are a business or organisation looking for suitable candidates, you can either contact us by email or phone, or alternatively complete our on-line form and one of our consultants will contact you within two business days to commence the process.

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