Specifics for Managers

Understand relevant legislation, issue resolution, hazard management and much more....

Specifics for Managers

Two day course

This course is primarily aimed at business unit and line managers who are wishing to drive and sustain real improvements in Work, Health and Safety performance in their workplace.  It provides a set of concepts, models and processes that equip local managers to add an effective strategic dimension to their WHS efforts.

The tools and skills learned in this course are equally useful to those who have the responsibility for advising, coaching or mentoring managers towards best practice performance in Work, Health and Safety.

This course is fast paced, wide ranging and fairly intensive.  It is suitable for managers who are keen to actively lead Work, Health and Safety improvement.


Day 1

Course Content

Element 1

Introduction, including:

  • Work, Health & Safety, what's it all about?
  • What is a Work, Health & Safety system?
Element 2

Legislation, including:

  • Legislative framework
  • Objectives of legislation
  • Responsibilities of employers
  • Responsibilities of employers and self employed persons
  • Employees
  • Duties of Occupiers
  • Duties of Owners
  • P.C.B.U.'s
  • Health  Safety Committees and Representatives
Element 3

Allocating resources, including:

  • Financial
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Specialised resources
Element 4

Communication and Consultation, including:

  • What does consultation mean?
  • Methods of consultation
  • What consultation requires
Element 5

Issue Resolution, including:

  • Issue resolution process
  • Immediate threat to Health and Safety process



Day Two

Course Content

Element 6

Hazard Management, including:

  • Why is managing hazards important?
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk management (including assessment and control)
Element 7

Injury Management, including:

  • The real costs
  • National claims statistics
  • The types of law that govern WHS in the workplace
  • The meaning of "reasonably practicable"
  • What is compensable?
  • Employees' rights and responsibilities
  • Employers' rights and responsibilities
  • Claims issues to look out for
  • Serious and wilful misconduct
  • What is employment?
  • Contractors
  • Average weekly earnings
  • Section 43 payments
  • Managing a claim well
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work plans
  • Closing of a claim
  • Redemption of a claim
  • Claim costs and premium
Element 8

Training and Competency, including:

  • What the law requires
  • Employer responsibilities
  • When training is required
  • Identifying training needs
  • Training plans
  • Training records
Element 9 Managing Work, Health & Safety systems


Course times: 9.30am > 4.30pm each day