Review and Monitor your own WHS system

It's easier than you think! Become an Internal Auditor for your own WHS system! Read more....

Review and monitor your own WHS system

One Day Course

Internal audits are extremely valuable tools providing independent and objective assessment of compliance with defined business and other requirements.  Findings based on internal audits can often contribute to a significant improvement in business efficiency, effectiveness, performance and profitability.

This program introduces participants to all aspects of Internal WHS Auditing, from scheduling to review and is appropriate for all management systems, whether they're based on international, industry or best practice models.

Course Content

Element 1

What is an internal audit, including:

  • What is an internal audit?
  • Why audit?
  • Internal auditor responsibilities
  • Types of audits
Element 2

Understanding legislation, including:

  • Purpose of legislation
  • Objectives of legislation
  • Discussion
Element 3                       

The steps to internal auditing, including:

  • Develop an audit tool
  • Establish an audit schedule
  • Create an audit plan
  • Conducting audits
  • Internal audit report


Course times: 9.30am > 4.30pm