Managing Contractors

Fulfill your Work, Health & Safety obligations by developing a basic contractor management system. Read more....

Managing Contractors

1/2 Day Course

Fulfill your Work, Health and Safety obligations by developing a basic contractor management system.  This program will assist you to manage the compliance issues of contractors.

Change in employment practices has resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of contract labour.  Many companies rely heavily on the services of contractors as part of their business.

Due to the nature and demand of work, different relationships are entered into which can impose significant legal Work, Health and Safety responsibilities on employers using the services of contractors.

Course Content

Element 1 

Legislative responsibilities of employers and contractors, including:

  • Introduction and Duty of Care
  • Who is a Contractor?
  • Legislative framework
  • Duties of employers and self employed persons
  • Duties of P.C.B.U.'s
  • Duties applicable to all persons
  • Responsibilities under the Regulations
Element 2

Selecting and Engaging, including:

  • Establish selection criteria
  • Obtaining evidence and proof of currency
  • Managing expiration of licences / certificates / insurances
  • Notification to Contractors
  • Work, Health and Safety requirements
Element 3

Evaluating contractors' Work, Health and Safety capabilities and systems, including:

  • Why evaluate?
Element 4

Establish specific safety requirements, including:

  • Examples of safety requirements
Element 5

Eliminate or minimise exposure to Work, Health and Safety risks, including:

  • What contractors should have in place
  • Why documentation needs to be reviewed
  • What your business should have in place
Element 6

Policies and procedures to manage contractors, including:

  • Contractor policy
  • Examples of procedures
Element 7

Evaluate and monitor Work, Health and Safety performance of contractors, including:

  • How to evaluate and monitor


Course times: 9.30am > 1.00pm