How to establish your WHS Committee

Establish your committee in accordance with legislation. Read more....

How to establish your WHS Committee

One Day Course

This course will provide participants with the knowledge of creating meeting schedules and agendas, developing minutes and how to conduct effective meetings in accordance with legislative requirements.

Course Content

Element  1                            

Legislation, including:

  • Legislative framework
  • Objectives of the Act
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Employer (for Health & Safety Representatives and Committees)
Element 2

Consultation, including:

  • When should it occur?
  • What it involves
  • What it requires
  • Methods of consultation
Element 3

WHS Committee, including:

  • Why have a committee?
  • What are the objectives of the committee?
  • Functions of the committee
  • What the committee can do
Element 4

Establish your committee, including:

  • Conduct an election to establish your committee
  • Size and number of committees
  • Term of Office
  • WHS meeting forums
  • Quorum - definition
  • WorkCover notification
Element 5

Meeting schedule, including:

  • What should be included on a schedule?
Element 6

Meeting agenda, including:

  • Why is an agenda important?
  • Develop an agenda
  • What should be included in an WHS agenda?
Element 7

Meeting minutes, including:

  • Before the meeting
  • During the meeting
  • After the meeting
Element 8

Roles and responsibilities of the committee, including:

  • Health & Safety Committee members
Element 9

Effective meetings, including:

  • How to conduct effective meetings
Element 10 Effective committee members
Element 11 Indicators of success
Element 12 WHS Committee performance measures


Course times: 9.30am > 4.30pm