Resilience, Wellbeing and Performance

Resilience is a feature of a healthy workforce, and is a key aspect of organisational performance. Read more....

Resilience, Wellbeing and Peformance

One Day CourseWe are pleased to announce the delivery of the NEW "Resilience, Wellbeing and Performance" workshop!

The one day workshop that helps managers and employees to be as resilient as possible.

Resilience is a feature of a healthy workforce, and is a key aspect of organisational performance. 

Achieving high levels of resilience at work makes a significant contribution to the reduction of sickness absence, presenteeism, staff turnover and the high costs that these incur.

Resilience is about personal strength; it's about how well we can absorb and bounce back from the knocks of everyday life and maintain the energy and determination to function normally in the face of pressures, stressors and challenges.

Course Content

Key features:

  • Understanding how we evaluate distressing situations and form an attitude towards them.
  • Coping with pressures, stressors and challenges.
  • When do we need to call on our resilience?
  • The dimensions of emotional intelligence.
  • Building and strengthening resilience with exercises on developing self awareness, awareness of others, emotional management, emotional self control and so on.
  • Qualities of the Emotional intelligent leader.
  • Resilience in organisations and teams.
  • 10 antidotes to negativity.
  • The psychology of stress prevention.
  • Take-away toolkit.
  • Personal action plan

Who should attend?

Those interested in improving staff performance.  It is also aimed at employees who would benefit from improving morale or motivation, and the negative effects of stress.

Course times: 9.30am > 4.40pm