Learning & Support Services

Learning and Support Services provide individualised support and referral to address barriers to learning faced by students in vocational training.

Learning & Support Services

Learning and Support Services provide individualised support and referral to address barriers to learning faced by students in vocational training.

Innovative Training & Recruitment offer the following learning & suppport services:

  • Part time training
  • Continuous enrolment
  • Language, literacy & numeracy
  • Student counselling
  • E learning platforms
  • Recognised Prior Learning
  • Individual tutoring
  • Disability Support
  • Sourcing & approving enterprises for work placements
  • Employment Assistance

Innovative Training and Recruitment recognise that difficulties may arise for many people undertaking training and assessment.  To maximise the learning and minimise potential difficulties, a range of learning support services is offered.  Information on how to gain access to these services is also provided in the ITR Student Handbook.

Innovative Training and Recruitment understand that adults have preferences in how they learn, and therefore offer the following flexible learning options:

  • Classroom based learning
  • Online learning (great if you are working full time, or if you live in a regional area)
  • Individualised learning(for those who prefer or need "one-on-one" training)
  • External learning

Innovative Training & Recruitment's enrolment process includes an initial interview for the student, conducted by the ITR General Manager, to ascertain their particular learning needs and prepare an Individualised Training Plan.  This process also assesses the student's Language, Literacy and Numeracy needs.

All information provided to Innovative Training & Recruitment staff will be treated in the strictest of confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Innovative Training & Recruitment's policies are designed to promote equality of opportunity for entry into and participation in a course, and to prevent discrimination based on race, disability (physical or mental), gender, sexuality, marital status and pregnancy. 

We are committed to ensuring that all students attempting our training courses will be equally afforded the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge, and appropriate on the job experience to enable them to attain the competencies that they seek.

Any student encountering difficulty with any parts of a course, e.g. particular units or parts thereof, or attaining competency will be offered extra tuition and practice under the guidance of a trainer or assessor, to assist them to attain the required course standard. There will be no extra course fees or charges for this assistance.

The ITR Managing Director, ITR General Manager, trainers and assessors are all able to provide support to students.



Should any student require assistance with literacy and numeracy skills that is beyond the scope of ITR staff, they will be directed to the following agencies for assistance:

Reading and Writing Hotline (8am – 8pm):      1300 655 506

English Language Centre                                   08 8226 6555



Ethnic Link Services                                              08 8241 0201

Translating and Interpreting Service                 13 14 50



Counselling can be provided confidentially to a limited level by ITR staff in relation to Training & Assessment issues, however, Students may need to be directed to other agencies for professional help and guidance.

Aboriginal Unit                                                       8463 4800

Equal Opportunity Commission                          8207 1977


Free call                                                                 1800 188 163



Mediation Services                                               08 8350 0376

Disability Services                                                  08 8226 6052

Lifeline (24 hour service)                                      13 11 14



Student Support Service                                      http://www.acpet.edu.au/students/student-support



Training Advocate                                                1800 006 488

Dept. of Further Education, Employment, Science & Training(DFEEST)                              

                                                                                8226 3065



WorkCover SA

100 Waymouth Street, Adelaide SA 5000          8.30am > 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Postal address:

GPO Box 2668, Adelaide SA 5000


The Office of the Training Advocate

55 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

1800 006 488