Claims Essentials

Are you ready to answer all those questions about workers compensation claims? Read more....

 This course is currently undergoing review of course matierals, ITR is not taking enrolments until further notice.

Claims Essentials This course includes units of competency from FNS42115 Certificate IV in Personal Injury Management.

A Statement of Attainment for successfully completed units will be issued.

This course focuses on developing critical core claims management skills.  Participants will learn how to work with key stakeholders, review strategies for identifying suitable work duties and develop good claims management practices to maximise the chances of ensuring an injured worker returns to work.

This course is targeted at individuals new to workers compensation.  Assessment is undertaken via a range of methods including short answer quizzes, case studies, activities, discussion, on-the-job projects and the completion of a workplace log book in conjunction with their workplace supervisor.


Unit Code Unit Title
FNSISV405  Analyse insurance claims
FNSPIM303 Work within the personal injury management sector
FNSPIM414 Manage personal injury claims
FNSPIM415 Manage personal injury case loads
FNSPIM302 Determine claim liability
FNSPIM401 Plan and implement rehabilitation and return to work and health strategies
Facilitate a return to work
FNSPIM403 Educate clients on personal injury management issues